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Ex Solution Program™ 
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Short Description:
Ex Solution Program™ is an online video course designed for people who want to rebuild a stronger connection with their ex so that they get get another chance to have that great, wonderful, romantic, sexy, and fulfilling relationship with the person that they love. The program consists of nearly 6 hours of video lessons designed to help people save their relationshp by focusing on interpersonal communication and relational skills.

The course includes: meditation exercises to help people gain better control of their emotions, communication skills to help them get through to their ex, template messages to send to their ex, a sound plan for reconcilliation, troubleshooting issues, and skills for a successful long-lasting relationship. A daily email followup sequence helps break the course down into a small daily action step.


  • The secret emotion your ex feels that will literally make it impossible for you two to get back together.
  • A stealth way to ethically take your ex’s focus off of anyone they might be dating right now, and pull it right back to you.
  • How to never run out of things to talk to your ex about that will open them up and sharing more of themselves with you than you ever imagined possible.
  • How often you should contact your ex before asking them to meet up with you (and what to do if they are still reluctant).
  • The 5 WORST mistakes you can make when texting your ex that will completely kill the good vibes between you and have them ignoring your messages.
  • How to ask your ex for what you really want without coming across as pushy or risking turning them off (this is the key to having more connection and a rational discussion about the two of you).
  • How to understand your ex’s emotional psychology, so you can see why you absolutely still have a chance (even if things seem hopeless).
  • How a behavioral psychologist discovered how to get your ex to completely forget about their rebound relationship, and devote all of their attention to you.
  • Why your ex isn’t even willing to talk to you, and the surprisingly counter-intuitive thing you can do to get them to open up to you again.
  • How to dissolve the pressure and anxiety you may feel around your ex so that you can relax and be the easy-going person they fell in love with.
  • The 2 “magic questions” you can use to open your ex up and get them sharing their deepest emotions with you.
  • The simple 4-step communication strategy to make sure that you don’t piss off your ex or risk having your words taken the wrong way.
  • The most dangerous thing people do when they contact their ex that actually destroys their chances of getting back together (and, no, it has nothing to do with begging, pleading, or being desperate).
  • The 5 emotional stages of getting back together that your ex will pass though (how to identify which stage your ex is in, and what you should do in each stage).
  • The 3 sentences you can say at the end of a date with your ex that shows them that you really have changed for the better.
  • and a lot more…

Click here to get Ex Solution Program™ at discounted price while it’s still available…

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